Daily Archives: September 26, 2008

Hollywood and Bollywood

A couple of interesting news items this week about the increased interest in Bollywood by Hollywood and vice versa.

First, Delhi High Court ruled that the Indian film Hari Puttar from Mirchi Movies was not a threat to Warner Bros. control over the Harry Potter franchise. In reality it seems that Hari Puttar is actually more like an unofficial remake of Home Alone.

Elsewhere, it looks as if Steven Spielberg and co. have somehow managed to escape from the clutches of Paramount which took over DreamWorks in 2006. The white knight turns out to be Indian media conglomerate Reliance Adlabs which will back the new DreamWorks to make six pictures per year. These will probably be distributed by another Hollywood major – Screen International is backing Universal.

Finally, in an Asian Film Market Special, Screen International reports the Indian box office has risen to $1.6 billion. There is also the suggestion that the growth of the middle class market in India (as in China) may keep ahead of the economic downturn in the West.

It seems likely that more Hollywood-Bollywood deals will be announced over the next couple of years.