Daily Archives: July 26, 2011

Scala Forever, 13 August – 2 October 2011

We’ve had a request to promote a film festival running across several venues in London during August and September. The Scala was a cinema in London that operated at different times in Charlotte Street and Kings Cross between 1977 and 1992, offering a range of films from outside the mainstream. It was the last of the great London repertory halls where in the 1970s hundreds of us got our film education.

‘Scala Forever’ promises a range of interesting screenings, so click on the flyer below and you should get a full-size version of the programme or just go to http://scalaforever.co.uk/ Twenty-six separate venues are involved in this extravaganza and they are hoping to revive interest in the idea of film clubs for fans and cinephiles, showing much more interesting films in much more interesting locations than the soulless multiplex. There is everything from the Marx Brothers and Russ Meyer to Dario Argento, Michael Powell and ‘Pinky Violence’ from Japan. If you are in London you should give it a go!

See the YouTube promo here.