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Hero (China/Hong Kong 2002) – Narrative analysis

(These notes were written for a student event on Film Narrative. Hero was the case study film. The students had seen the whole film, so there are major SPOILERS here – you have been warned!) Everyone is familiar with the conventions of the Hollywood film narrative. This isn’t a reason not to study Hollywood – … Continue reading

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles (China/Hong Kong/Japan 2005)

Back to the DVD bargain bin again for another Chinese film not released theatrically in the UK. This time it’s Zhang Yimou’s 2005 film made between House of Flying Daggers and The Curse of the Golden Flower. Ironically, I watched this low-key film just a few days before Zhang Yimou stunned an enormous TV audience … Continue reading

Curse of the Golden Flower (Hong Kong/China 2006)

I’ve always associated Chrysants with Japan, so it was a surprise to see thousands of them in Curse of the Golden Flower. I went into this screening not knowing what to expect. I’d seen the trailer and got a sense of lukewarm reviews, but neither really prepared me for the film. I shouldn’t be surprised … Continue reading

Yellow Earth (China 1984)

Yellow Earth was one of the most important films to appear in the 1980s, not just in China, but in the whole of global cinema. When it was released in the UK in 1986 it had an immediate impact and was recognised as one of the few films to be marked by a genuine attempt … Continue reading

China 07

First chance this week to get to screenings in the China 07 season (10 years since the handover of Hong Kong). At Cornerhouse on Wednesday I watched Judou (dir. Zhang Yimou, China/Japan 1990) in the cinema for the first time since the early 90s. Somebody appears to have found the original UK 35mm print lurking … Continue reading

Judou (China/Japan 1990)

The third film directed by Zhang Yimou, Judou forms the the second part of the trilogy of period melodramas that the director made with the young Gong Li. It followed Red Sorghum (1987) and preceded Raise the Red Lantern (1991). Viewed in 2007 when director and star have been reunited on the third part of … Continue reading

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