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The Day I Became A Woman (Iran/France 2001)

I hope everyone enjoyed last night’s screening. I had forgotten that the 35mm print didn’t have the same quality of subtitling as the DVD. For instance, it didn’t translate the titles of the three stories — which corresponded to the three central characters. In the first story, the little girl is called ‘Hava’, which is a version of ‘Eve’, the ‘first woman’. In the second story, the young woman is called ‘Ahoo’ and this is also the Farsi word for ‘deer’ — which are shown twice darting across the landscape as the husband shouts out. In the third story, the old woman is called ‘Houra’, which (presumably as a deliberate irony) means ‘nymph’. The English language script is on the Makhmalbaf website on the film’s own page.

The excellent web essay by Adrian Danks on the Makhmalbaf Film House that I quoted in my introduction is on the Senses of Cinema website. There is also an earlier posting on this blog about the Makhmalbafs.