Chapter 9: Global television

Film studies rarely discusses television and this is a mistake I believe. Ever since the late 1940s TV and film have been linked and a dynamic relationship has developed between the two seemingly separate media forms. The chapter offers an outline history of the relationship between the two industries in the UK and especially in North America.

The relationship is very close in certain film territories – where funding possibilities mean that films made primarily for television are sometimes released in cinemas.

The chapter includes a section on one of the most important ‘contra-flows’ of TV exports – the telenovelas of Latin America that are sold globally. (The contra-flow is an export-import process that doesn’t involve the otherwise dominant flows of programmes from the US and UK to other territories.) There is also discussion of the successful export of ‘long-form narrative’ television programming from Nordic countries such as Denmark and Sweden.

Global television posts are available through the ‘Global television’ category.


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