Global Cinema Resources

The links in the right-hand sidebar list are all recommended but we thought it might be useful to give a little more background on some of them:

Subtitled Online

This is a UK-based portal for all forms of foreign language film and television available in the UK – so it’s absolutely in line with what our blog hopes to promote.  It’s a commercial site run by freelance journalists with a firm commitment to the diversity of films available. It offers reviews of cinema releases and DVDs, festivals, events and publications plus trailers and other video material and a range of feature articles. The reviews are relatively short but there are plenty of them. The site is also a useful source of news of forthcoming releases and events with various competitions to win DVDs etc. One unique feature is a section recommending specialised cinemas, festivals and film societies around the UK.

Omar’s Film BlogE L L I P S I S – The Accents of Cinema

Omar Ahmed is Head of Film at a Sixth Form College in NW England. We like his blog for lots of reasons but primarily because he gives detailed analyses of both individual films and various film movements. Omar is interested in both mainstream auteurs and more avant-garde filmmakers and he is particularly interested in Indian Parallel Cinema. He has found many otherwise unavailable (in the UK) titles online and now he has started an experiment in creating video essays on various topics. Have a look and you may well be inspired to create your own.

Film Studies For Free

Catherine Grant’s excellent site is a must if you are interested in any form of scholarly work in film studies. She collects together all kinds of resources freely available online and enables ‘Film Studies for Free’ to be the inspiration for all kinds of research work. On the site you’ll find video essays, booklists and whole articles uploaded by scholars who want their work to be freely available. Given the recent furore about the cost of accessing print and online journals, FSFF has become even more valuable.

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