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My Way (Mai Wei, South Korea 2011)

My Way has been promoted as the most expensive Korean blockbuster yet produced. It has had a handful of cinema screenings in the UK courtesy of the Terracotta Film Festival but it is released today on DVD by Universal in the UK. (Co)writer-director Kang Je-gyu was one of the principal figures in launching the concept … Continue reading

War of the Arrows (Choi-jong-byeong-gi Hwal, South Korea 2011)

This relatively unheralded film turned out to be the biggest box office local film of the year in South Korea, beaten only by Tom Cruise and the latest Transformers film in the chart. Perhaps most surprising about its success is that a large portion of the dialogue is spoken in a virtually extinct Manchu language … Continue reading

Films From the South Festival, Oslo

Film festivals are essential in the process of increasing diversity in the range of films released globally. We like to support as many of these festivals as possible and the 20th Annual ‘Films From the South’ Festival is currently running in Oslo until October 17. A highlight of the festival is a programme of screenings … Continue reading

Mongol (Kazakhstan/Mongolia/Russia/Germany 2007)

I wish I’d seen this on its theatrical release in the UK last year. Watching it on DVD recently I was impressed on many levels and not least by the fantastic images of landscapes in Kazakhstan and China. I confess that when the film was released I assumed that it was simply another East Asian … Continue reading

Asiexpo Festival 2008

  Review of Asiexpo 2008 by Leung Wing-Fai In years to come, I’ll be asked where I was when Obama was elected the first African-American president of the US and I shall recall Asiexpo (4-9 November 2008). I did hope that was not the only reason I would remember the festival. Asiexpo is a small collection … Continue reading

Spider Lillies (Ci qing, Taiwan 2007)

Isabella Leong (left) as Takeko and Rainie Yang as Jade in Spider Lilies Spider Lilies was shown in the UK as part of the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on tour (following an awards win at Berlin). The two central characters are Jade, a young woman who makes a living as a ‘web-cam girl’, … Continue reading

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