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OK Kanmani (India 2015, Tamil)

I was excited by the prospect of this film but I hadn’t attempted to read much about it before the screening. Mani Ratnam is acknowledged as one of the innovators of popular Indian cinema, helping to transform Tamil cinema in the 1980s and early 1990s and then moving into Hindi films or dual language versions … Continue reading

Lingaa (India 2014)

On December 12th Lingaa was released on 4,000 screens worldwide. This release by one of global cinema’s biggest stars was not mentioned by the mainstream press in the UK. The film begins with the legend ‘Super Star . . . Rajni’. And there is no other superstar quite like Rajnikanth (also spelt Rajinikanth), here with … Continue reading

Biriyani (India 2013)

In the last couple of years the UK exhibitor Cineworld has expanded its releases of Tamil films beyond London, showing them in areas like Bradford where the local South Asian languages are more likely to be Urdu, Punjabi or Bangla. Previously I have had to watch major Tamil films in Hindi dubs in local multiplexes … Continue reading

Nanban (Friend, India 2012)

Remakes are a way of life in the popular Indian film industries. Hollywood is always a source of ideas as well as films from other major industries – ‘unofficial remakes’ – but the main traffic in remakes is between the different language cinemas. Many titles are made in one language and then simply dubbed into … Continue reading

Malaysian Cinema Part 2: Exhibition

In most film territories around the world, screens are dominated by Hollywood and popular ‘domestic’ cinema. Malaysia is a striking exception in that although Hollywood is present and overall takes the largest proportion of the nation’s box office takings, it nevertheless has to share the pot with films from the three different film cultures representing … Continue reading

Endhiran (The Robot, India 2010)

Already quoted as the most expensive Indian film so far, Endhiran (the Tamil title – it is also dubbed into Hindi as Robot and Telugu as Robo) opens with something I’ve read about but not seen before – a credit for ‘Superstar Rajni’. Many (most?) South Indian stars have just the one name, but Rajnikanth … Continue reading

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