Chapter 11: Chinese cinemas

This chapter is very straightforward in simply presenting ‘Chinese cinemas’ – Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the diaspora.

It offers some historical background and identifies key filmmakers and films. Chinese cinemas are not well-known in the West and they are going to become much more important over the next few years.

Films discussed in some detail in the chapter include the following:

Woman Basketball Player No. 5 (China 1957)

Two Stage Sisters (China 1964)

The Legend of Tianyun Mountain (China 1981)

Café Lumière (Taiwan-Japan 2003)

The Postmodern Life of My Aunt (HK-China 2006)

24 City (China-Japan-France 2008)

A Simple Life (HK 2011)

The directors featured in this chapter include:

Ann Hui

Hou Hsiao-Hsien

Xie Jin

Zhang Yimou

Feng Xiaogang

Jia Zhangke

Or you can simply browse the Chinese Cinema category


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