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The Clan (El Clan, Argentina-Spain 2015)

Pablo Trapero is one of the most successful filmmakers working in Argentina today. To underline that status, his latest film to get a UK release was co-produced by the Almodóvars’ company El Deseo. It won the Silver Lion at Venice in 2015 and had the biggest ever opening box office take for any film in Argentina, … Continue reading

Jauja (Argentina-Denmark 2014)

The Argentinian director Lisandro Alonso has developed a reputation for festival films in the ‘slow cinema’ mode. This means that his films are shown by leading festivals but struggle to get cinema releases in many territories. Jauja (his fifth feature) is a slightly different proposition since it stars the internationally-known Hollywood actor Viggo Mortensen (who is … Continue reading

Films From the South #11: Carancho (Argentine/Chile/France/S. Korea 2010)

Carancho is directed and part-written by Pablo Trapero whose 2002 film El bonaerense achieved a wide international release. It’s a mainstream crime thriller of the kind that Argentinian Cinema does very well and it stars the most recognisable Argentinian actor for international audiences, Ricardo Darin. In Spanish, ‘carancho’ refers to various birds of prey and … Continue reading

Films From the South #7: Aballay (Aballay, el hombre sin miedo, Argentina/Spain 2010)

I saw Aballay immediately after the Malaysian film The Year Without a Summer. It’s a very different kind of film. It was also introduced in Norwegian – and in English – by someone I took to be Argentinian, who explained that it was a ‘gaucho film’, a kind of Argentinian Western set in Tucumán province. … Continue reading

BIFF 2011 #12: Mount Bayo (Cerro Bayo, Argentina 2010)

Cerro Bayo offers a pleasant and diverting way of spending 86 minutes. My initial response was ‘Almodóvar lite’ or ‘telenovela plus’. I hope that isn’t too much of a putdown because I enjoyed the film. Writer-director Victoria Galardi has several things going for her including a good cast and a beautiful setting in Villa La … Continue reading

!Viva¡ #2 El asaltante (The Mugger, Argentina 2007)

This was an enjoyable screening event. As part of the ‘Cine en Construcción’ strand organised by Instituto Cervantes, the director Pablo Fendrik was in attendance and after the screening (again a film of only 70 mins) he conducted a lively and entertaining Q & A in English. He is clearly a talented director and if … Continue reading

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