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BIFF 2013 #21: European Features Competition

Last year’s inaugural European Features Competition featured six films by debutant directors. This year there were another three first-timers plus three established filmmakers. Again the six films have not achieved UK distribution and Festival Director Tom Vincent told us at the award ceremony that this was the chief aim of the prize – to highlight … Continue reading

That was 2012 in film

We’ve been trying to put together some ideas about what we’ve seen over the last 12 months. For me personally, 2012 was a great year. I largely ignored Hollywood and I don’t feel that I’ve missed much. Apart from Prometheus (which I argued was a British movie) I’ve watched only Hugo, The Hunger Games and … Continue reading

2011 End of Year Lists

It’s that time again and the lists of ‘best’ films. ‘favourite’ films etc. are appearing everywhere. Keith has already commented on the Sight and Sound list and here it is in the January 2012 issue (with links shown to our posts): 1  The Tree of Life, Terence Malick, US 2  A Separation, Asghar Farhadi, Iran … Continue reading

10 from 2010

By dint of catching four festivals this year, my cinema visits have topped 100 in 2010 – the first time I’ve managed such a total for many years. I’ve chosen ten of the best films I saw on the big screen, leaving out the three Hollywood films that got the most press (Shutter Island, Inception … Continue reading

My Year in the Cinema

This year has been my most productive in terms of cinema visits for a long time. Not counting multiple screenings of films for study events, I managed 75 screenings this year. One notable aspect of this was the relatively small number of Hollywood films in the list – only 13 titles and of these only … Continue reading

International Critics’ Top 10 for 2008

Sight & Sound, January 2008 carries an article in which 50 critics around the world picked a Top 5 for 2008. Sight & Sound‘s team then worked out a ranking of 150 films to create an overall Top 10: 1. Hunger (UK) 2. There Will Be Blood 3. WALL•E 4. Gomorra (Italy) =5. A Christmas … Continue reading

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