Digital update

Seems I was a little unfair re the heat output of these projectors — turns out it was the ventilation system in the box that was at fault. Having completed two screening events using the projector, I can see that there are some ‘running in’ problems. The projectionists are taking some time to come to terms with the machine. Each film, which arrives on its own disk drive, needs to be loaded and can’t be activated without a separate security key — the return of the ‘dongle’ that used to bedevil desktop computer users!

Actually loading and preparing the projection script for a new film takes a fair amount of time. More or less ‘real time’ for a feature on on ‘HD’ and more than ‘real time’ for a JPEG2000 film. There is not so much physical work for the projectionist compared to ‘making up’ a 35mm print. Once the loading begins, it is more or less automatic, but it does mean that late arriving digital prints could be a problem. As someone who has often been faced with a print arriving on the morning when I have an event starting at 10.30, this is not good news. At least with a 35mm print, you could get something onto the screen in the next hour or so, but the digital print has to be fully loaded. It’s these ‘little things’ that are really important when it comes to actually using the prints. On the other hand, once loaded it is ready to go whenever you need it.

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