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Bradford – World City of Film!

The National Media Museum is one of Bradford's film jewels

The National Media Museum is one of Bradford's film jewels

What a surprise to wake up and discover that you live and work in the world’s first city of film. I knew we were bidding of course and I remember somebody filming one of my evening classes in the National Media Museum, but I confess that I’m still surprised. I guess you don’t really appreciate what you’ve got when you use it all the time.

So now we have a world heritage site in Saltaire and world city of film status, both conferred by UNESCO.

So, please come to sunny Bradford, once the wool capital of the world and now known for its model industrial village and its film heritage.

Bradford City of Film website

Saltaire World Heritage site

For those outside the UK, the City of Bradford is actually quite small, but the Metropolitan District Council of Bradford includes several small towns and industrial villages and the total population is approaching 500,000.In the part of the district where I live, the following films have been shot, at least in part: The Railway Children (1970), Yanks (1979), Brothers in Trouble (1995), My Son the Fanatic (1997), Yasmin (2004) and numerous TV series. My area’s best known current film industry figure is Simon Beaufoy, scriptwriter of The Full Monty, Yasmin and Slumdog Millionaire and our key locations are the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, Dalton’s Mill and East Riddlesden Hall. The rest of Bradford District has plenty of film history to shout about as well.

Keighley Picture House

Keighley’s Cinema, opened in 1913 and has been continually in use since then apart from a few years in the 1990s.